Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ireland-Post 1

Hello all! I took an unofficial break from my Pinterest posts to spend some time with my family before I left for Ireland. Those posts will most likely return when school starts in August. This month, I am studying in Ireland and so will try to fit in a blog post every so often. If I don't manage to keep you updated while I'm there, I will do a recap post when I come back at the end of July. I am currently sitting in LAX, waiting for my first flight of the day. It is, of course, delayed, but so far only by 25 minutes, which means I will have plenty of time to make my connection. Hopefully it's no later or I may have issues later in the day. I still can't believe I'm actually going. It seems so crazy to me. I'll probably arrive and still not believe I'm there. I will be posting on Instagram throughout the trip, so follow me there if you'd like. My username is mtolsma. I also brought my nice camera to take some good pictures to use as art in my new apartment, so hopefully pictures that I post here will be better quality than the quick snaps I take with my iPhone. Happy Weekend everyone!