Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Recap/First Week of School

Hello. Last time I posted, I was writing in my dorm room in Cork. I am now sitting in the living room of my new apartment in Albuquerque typing away before I get started on my homework. Not much has really happened since I left Ireland. I came home(after traveling for twenty-four hours straight), slept a lot, got really sick and slept some more, packed up my stuff, moved back to Albuquerque and started school. Some other stuff happened too, I saw some friends, had some friends come see me, went out to lunch with my mom a lot and spent time with my family (who are all crazy busy with school and sports and work and I just don't know how they keep up with everything). My brother and I are going to school together, so we live together in a nice, roomy apartment off campus. It's been pretty good so far, minus all the drama we went through to get internet set up in the apartment, and Monday is Labor Day, so this weekend is a three day weekend (which is awesome). I think I like all my classes, but it's only week two, so that may change. I do know for sure that I will be very busy this semester, once work starts up, but that will make it go by faster, as long as it doesn't drive me crazy first (which is a real possibility). Oh, and I remember how I said in this post that I was finally going to get a tattoo in 2013? (I barely remember either, it's okay.) Well, this semester, I really do think it's going to happen. I made plans with a friend and everything. I just need to save some money, is all. So now I have that to look forward to as well. But I'll stop rambling now and finish this post. I just wanted to give a quick update in case anyone was following my trip to Ireland and thought maybe I died in a plane crash on the way home or chose to go off the grind and live in Ireland forever (which I did think about doing). Love you all and hope you had a great summer!