Friday, March 30, 2012


I got a library card today! I nerded out in the library and found new books to read. Yay!

Loving: The fact that March is almost over. This month was exhausting, in a good way. I had a few job interviews, went home for a few days, went to class, had some tests, went away with youth group for a weekend, and lined up a job for this summer. All good things, to be sure, but I'm ready for April because after April comes May! I'm way looking forward to May.

Thinking About: How much I missed out on in high school by not joining cross country. I went for a run today and did 3 miles in less than 40 minutes. Not a killer time by any means, but if I had joined the team in high school, I would have trained for races and gotten much better. Silly, stubborn me who thought running was horrible.

Anticipating: The weekend. I have Bible study tomorrow morning, and then I'm helping a friend with a fundraising dinner tomorrow night. I may not get to sleep in much this weekend, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to relax and just hang out. I'm also glad that I have concrete plans for the weekend as opposed to just sitting around my dorm doing nothing.

Listening to: Britt Nicole's new song, All This Time. I love this song and I love Britt Nicole. Listening to her makes me think of one of my good friends, and helps me feel less homesick.

Eating: A chicken salad with carrots and broccoli. I've been trying to eat better, but with on campus dining, eating better means eating pretty much nothing but salad and veggies...I'm not complaining though. It wasn't that hard to change what I ate and the grilled chicken that I get for my salads is delicious.

Wishing: That it was May! I'm so ready for this semester to be over. I just want to go home and relax by the pool and enjoy a few weeks off before work starts.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Back on schedule, I have finished Judges and Ruth. Ruth is one of my favorite Biblical stories. Judges has a lot of cool stories too. The cool thing about these stories is that they're true and there are lessons to be learned from each and every one of them.

Another good thing in my life right now? SPRING IS HERE! The weather is warm and I am loving it. Winter may be fun, and in a few months, I'll be wishing for it to be back, but as of right now, life is good. The problem that arises with the warm weather? I really want to go to the beach. I was just there a two (that's it? feels like a lot longer) weeks ago and I want to go back so much! Patience is a virtue, I'm told, so I guess I'll just have to continue to develop that little trait while I finish the spring semester. I'll also have to find some fun things to do in the meantime to help things move on a little faster. Are you looking forward to anything?

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm back from my California vacation. It was way too short, but it was a lot of fun. Our beach day was my absolute favorite, and I can't wait to go back. I even enjoyed myself at Disneyland, despite the huge crowds. I miss being at home, but I love living in Albuquerque. Tomorrow, I leave for a retreat with my youth group and then classes start on Monday. I have eight more weeks of classes and one week of finals and then my first year of college is done! I got a job for this summer, which is super awesome. I'll be working at a Christian camp in California, so I'll for sure be going home this summer, which I'm very happy about. And then, as the title suggests, I finished the book of Joshua today. I'm still a few days ahead of schedule, but I'm enjoying every step of this journey. So, yeah. That's my life right now. Things are going well and I'm very content with where I am right now. Life's good.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm a little ahead of schedule, but I finished Deuteronomy! I'm so excited and proud of myself for staying accountable and keeping up with the reading. At this point, I feel like I have no excuses. I made it through the first five books even with a busy college schedule. I can and will finish. By January 1, 2013, I will have read through the entire Bible. I can't wait.  
So, I get to home tomorrow (!) which is super exciting. It will be a long drive, but I'll have good company along the way. I also had a job interview via Skype this morning. It was for a position on staff at a summer camp back home. I think it went really well, so I'm hoping that I get the job, not just because I need a job, but also because I loved going to camp as a kid, so now that I'm older, I want to help make camp a good experience for the next generation. I know that this job would be so fulfilling in so many different ways.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joseph Kony

Invisible Children has released another video that calls for action against Joseph Kony and his LRA. Each video I have seen from them is incredibly emotional and pushes me to do something. Joseph Kony must be stopped, but don't let Invisible Children be your only source of information. Do some of your own research. For starters, read this post by Rylie over at Compelled and then read this article. But don't stop there. Being an active citizen is important, but I feel that being a well informed active citizen is much more important. Do your research and collect some facts. With that information, decide how you personally feel about the issue and then act accordingly. Don't let someone tell you what to think or how to feel. You have the freedom to read what I have written here and forget about it or decide that I am crazy and that's totally fine because you are an individual with your own thoughts and convictions, and that is a beautiful thing. With the technology we have today, we have the world at our fingertips. Don't waste that privilege.

Monday, March 5, 2012


*a picture of how I spent my afternoon*

Obsessing over: Pilates. I found an awesome website that has great videos. I'm totally getting my butt kicked, but in a good way.

Working on: Thankfully, not much. I took all of my midterms already, so I just have a Spanish quiz on Wednesday and an essay to write for the same class. This week is pretty chill and I am super thankful for that.

Thinking about: A little bit of everything. I've got a lot on my mind and too much time on my hands, so my thoughts just wander. It's not entirely unwelcome though. Sometimes I just need to let my thoughts run wild for a bit so that when I have something specific I have to think about, I can focus better because the excess stuff is easier to push away, you know?

Anticipating: Going home. Friday can't come soon enough. 

Listening to: iTunes. I'm trying to put together a playlist for the drive on Friday, but I keep getting distracted by all of the music that I forgot I had.

Eating: Peanut butter and oreos, pretty much the best snack ever, although not the healthiest.

Wishing: That I had an iPhone. It's a superficial thing to be wishing for, but I really want one. Hopefully I can afford one soon.