Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture Intensive

In light of the fact that my sister got a new dog on Friday, this post is dedicated to the obscene amount of pets this household has. As you all know already I have a cat named Smudge. She is exclusively mine. I also have another cat, Snickers, who thinks she is a dog.

We have a third cat, but she belongs to my other sister. This cat of hers is no friend of mine.
We also have three dogs (plus the puppy my sister just got). Their names are Andy, Teddy and Bear.
Andy is the big dog, Teddy is the smaller one and Bear is the black one.
The puppy my sister just got has been named Boo, since she is black and Halloween is only a week away. My family isn't very original in distributing animal names.
Cute right?

In other news, it is finally getting cold! I'm so excited about the imminent arrival of winter. It is so time to bust out my scarves and gloves and hats and jackets! This is the time for flannel sheets and hot cocoa, although this may be the winter I start drinking coffee. Heaven knows I'll need it. Tomorrow is, unfortunately, Monday. Hopefully this week goes by faster than last week did.

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