Wednesday, April 4, 2012


And just like that, I have completed another book of the Bible. In I Samuel, Israel rejects the Lord as their king in an attempt to be like the other countries. This book shows the negative consequences that this has on Israel as a nation, especially when their king, Saul, does not obey the Lord in all he does. The result? God takes the kingdom away from Saul and has His prophet, Samuel, anoint another man, a man after His own heart. I Samuel introduces us to this man, David. In II Samuel, we'll see David as king over Israel, but we'll also see, like every human being before and after him, David is not perfect and makes a lot of mistakes, some of them pretty huge. The beauty of the story of David is how, each time he makes one of those mistakes, he goes back to God, seeking forgiveness. And because God is a loving, forgiving God, David is granted forgiveness. These Old Testament accounts show the nature of God and pave the way for the Good News to come in the New Testament-the coming of the Messiah and the wonderful, generous offer of freedom through Christ. God is SO good.

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