Monday, January 10, 2011

Well That Went Well...

Not. I had some ambitious goals for the weekend: finish my thousand word essay, work on AP psychology, do my laundry, start my diet, and study for my Spanish verb final. Yeah, I got maybe half of that done. I did work on psychology, but I didn't finish. I did study for Spanish, but I'm also not finished with that. I did, thankfully, finish my laundry. I started my diet, but after three days, I decided it wasn't worth it and caved (more on that later). I didn't even start my essay. Sadly, with all that said, it was still a productive weekend for me. The rest of this week is crazy busy. My teachers are piling things on for finals next week and some of them are giving us a really hard time about it. It's so awful. Graduation is five months from Saturday. I haven't started counting days yet, but the way this semester is ending tells me that I will be very soon. Yay for college!

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