Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a Week

Oh my goodness. I am so thankful this week is over. Our semester ended this week, and finals were a pain in the butt. After years of never bringing home worse than an A-, I may have three B's on this report card. I've come to terms with that fact, because I know that I ultimately have nothing to complain about. I just won't be valedictorian, that's all. In ten years, high school grades won't matter, and at the end of the day, I did my best and my best is all that I can do. God still loves me, my parents still love me and my friends still love me. I'm glad that my grades don't define me. That would be horrible. In other news, I went shopping this week.
I bought a dress, a jacket and a hat. The jacket is purple fake leather and I love it. (I bought it at our new Burlington Coat Factory and I must say this is one of my new favorite stores.)

The hat is a little pinstriped this as well. (Also from Burlington)

This dress I bought at Anchor Blue's going out of business sale. I tried it on just for fun, because I didn't think it would look good on me, but then when it was on, I fell in love, so I bought it. Now I just have to find somewhere to wear it...
Today, I'm going to the wedding reception for my ABS leader's daughter. She needed some help and I was more than happy to give it. I love weddings. I can't wait for my own, but mostly I can't wait for the guy God has picked out for me. I just have to remember that everything happens in God's time, not mine. Patience is indeed a virtue. 

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