Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Again

Another Monday, another long week ahead. On the plus side, I have no homework to finish tonight, so I can get caught up on my 100 books project. I am so behind. I can also get to bed somewhat early tonight. Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a good friend. Super excited about that. On the minus side, the wind has been blowing non-stop. I hate the wind. In other news, after months of not going to the movies, I went to two in the last three weeks. I saw I Am Number Four three weeks ago and Beastly last weekend. I Am Number Four was both creepy and entertaining. Number Six made me want a motorcycle and an accent. She was definitely my favorite. Beastly was good, but I must say I liked the book better. I'm totally a sucker for Beauty and the Beast stories. Favorite fairy tale EVER. I'm hoping to get to see Rango soon and I'm dying to see Soul Surfer. If you haven't seen previews for that yet, click here. It looks amazing. Have a good week everyone!

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