Thursday, May 26, 2011

Single Digits

Hello again! I have nine school days left. Nine! It's still about twelve school days until I graduate, but school I am done with in nine days. I'm so exited! Tomorrow is senior ditch day, so I will be at the beach with some friends of mine. I love the beach, and that's one of the things I'll miss when I move to land-locked New Mexico. Tonight, in honor of not having to get up for school in the morning, I went to see Thor with two of my friends. I really liked it. The guy who played Thor was very good looking. He reminded me of Heath Ledger a bit, which made me sad and happy. I love Heath Ledger. He was an amazing actor. I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean last week. I went to the midnight showing, actually, even though it was on a school night. I'm a pretty big fan of that particular franchise, and the fourth movie was better than I thought it would be. Penelope Cruz did not suck as much as I thought she would, which was a nice surprise. That being said, I still feel very strongly that they should have ended the series after number three. Three would have been a good end point. Now they have to do more to get to that point again and I think the franchise will die a self-imposed death. I love Jack Sparrow (and Johnny Depp) and he deserves better than that. The dialogue of that movie was really good though. It was witty and gave the movie a nice flow, since the plot and scene changes were a tad choppy. Sorry, rant on movies is done now. I'll be back with another post this weekend documenting our beach trip and the other things I did during this glorious four day weekend.

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