Friday, September 2, 2011

My Day and My Dorm

Today was nice. It started with some Starbucks and light reading before class.

And then there was math homework and Good & Plenty's between classes.

After class, I was pleasantly surprised to open my mailbox and find mail.

After lunch, I changed into my swim suit to go swim some laps at the gym.

Later today, I have Bible study and maybe a Skype call with a friend back home. I also finally got around to taking some pics of my lovely dorm room for all of you to see.

My side of the room.

My cute little desk.

Underneath my bed, and my fridge.

And the beautiful view outside my window. It's not a bad set up and I actually really like living on campus. It's pretty nice not having to drive to school. 

Oh...I almost forgot. I'm seriously considering buying extensions an I was wondering if you had any input as to what the best type to buy would be. I've never done it before, so here are the ones I'm looking at. This set or this set. They are two different kinds of extension, so what would be easier and what would last longer? Thanks so much!

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