Friday, September 23, 2011

Seven Things

I was tagged by Jaqueline of Diamond in the Dark to list seven things about myself and then tag other bloggers. I'm totally going to cheat on the last part, just to let you all know :)

1. I miss my animals. I was prepared to miss my cat, but I never expected to miss my dogs. As long as I've been alive, my family has had at least one animal, and now that I live in a dorm, I can't have animals. It's a weird experience and I miss my little cuddle buddy, Smudge. I'm going to move off campus just so I can have animals again.

2. Coffee and tea are my go-to drinks. I never really liked either one of them, but I seriously drink 3 cups of coffee every day and a nice decaffeinated tea is so nice in the evenings. Ah, pure delight.

3. I love handwritten letters. End of story.

4. My three favorite movies are Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and How to Train Your Dragon. Don't judge me. Those movies are awesome.

5. I am a hopeless romantic. Books, movies, songs. You name it. If it has a good love story, I'm hooked.

6. I love cold weather. Boots, hats, and scarves are some of my favorite accessories.

7. I want long hair very very badly. I might be buying some extensions soon. I'm too impatient to wait for my hair to grow on its own.

So there you have it! Seven things all about me. Thanks for tagging me, Jaco! Now, I'm not sure who reads my blog, so if you have a blog, do this and put a link in my comments! That way I can get to know my readers a little bit better.


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