Monday, March 26, 2012


Back on schedule, I have finished Judges and Ruth. Ruth is one of my favorite Biblical stories. Judges has a lot of cool stories too. The cool thing about these stories is that they're true and there are lessons to be learned from each and every one of them.

Another good thing in my life right now? SPRING IS HERE! The weather is warm and I am loving it. Winter may be fun, and in a few months, I'll be wishing for it to be back, but as of right now, life is good. The problem that arises with the warm weather? I really want to go to the beach. I was just there a two (that's it? feels like a lot longer) weeks ago and I want to go back so much! Patience is a virtue, I'm told, so I guess I'll just have to continue to develop that little trait while I finish the spring semester. I'll also have to find some fun things to do in the meantime to help things move on a little faster. Are you looking forward to anything?

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