Wednesday, May 2, 2012

12/66, and a few other things

I finished II Kings on Sunday, and moved on to I Chronicles. The beginning of the book was good. Solomon asked for wisdom and built a beautiful temple for the Lord. But, his love of foreign women led him astray and, after he died, his kingdom fell apart. The nation of Israel split into two and neither kingdom had many godly rulers. At the end of the book, both nations have been taken into exile, and foreign nations are living in the land God promised them. Very sad, but also very important because this book shows the significance of having a godly leader. Being a good leader is hard, but it's even harder without God. Definitely something to think about.

I will probably be more quiet than usual here for the next two or so weeks. School is winding down, which means I'm stressed about finals, and this semester I have a play to worry about as well (our first show is two weeks from Friday!) Crazy life=quiet Meredith. But, it's May, the weather is beautiful and the end is in sight, so yay for that. Speaking of May, one of the blogs I follow, Saturated Canary (I have a button on the side) is having a fantastic giveaway! One lucky reader will win $100 to Modcloth. How sweet is that? All you need to do is follow her blog (which  I would anyway because it's fantastic. It's one of my favorite reads). So, go here to enter the giveaway and have a fantastic rest of the week!

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