Sunday, August 29, 2010

I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass me by.

Unfortunately, that is all too true, which is why it is Sunday night and I still have work that needs to be done before tomorrow. There really is no reason why it isn't done already. I've had plenty of time all day, but I've chosen to do other things. What can I say? Pirates of the Caribbean is much more interesting than reading a chapter of economics and taking notes on it. I did get some things done today though. I cleaned my bathroom and painted my fingernails a lovely shade of pink. The color is so lovely, in fact, that the girl working the drive thru at McDonald's was wearing the exact same color on her nails. Isn't life just fascinating sometimes? I've also come to the conclusion that I want to marry Gilbert Blythe. Not the Gilbert Blythe from the movie, mind you, but the true original from the books. Everyone else can go as crazy as they want for stupid Edward Cullen or immature Jacob Black as long as they leave Gilbert Blythe alone. I mean, honestly, if you are going to go crazy over a literary character, at least go for one who could actually exist in real life. I'm afraid Gilbert is rather impossible for me to describe, but if you've read the novels, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But since we all know that I'll never have a shot with someone who doesn't even exist, I'm going to go and work on my economics work now.
Love, Meredith
P.S. I'm considering taking up learning an instrument, either guitar or bass guitar. Any thoughts?

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